‘..innovative and creative design that delivers value..’

What we do

Studio 413 is a creative design practice providing comprehensive landscape design services to clients to assist in realising the full potential of projects across a broad range of sectors. We have an extensive track record and use our expertise and understanding of urban and rural landscapes to generate holistic, contextual solutions that deliver both intrinsic and commercial value for our clients. Our work is about creating well-designed places that provide people with a sense of belonging and community. We are committed to creating sustainable and appropriate design solutions which are in keeping with their context.


We play a key role in the multi-disciplinary process of masterplanning and urban design. Working collaboratively our landscape led approach engages with a wide range of stakeholders to create a balance between human activity, the natural elements and specific character of each place. We observe and listen to the needs and aspirations of communities and stakeholders and evaluate the unique features of a place to guide us through the process of developing creative solutions.

Landscape Assessment

We have extensive experience in undertaking Landscape Appraisals and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) appraising landscapes to establish the capacity to absorb development and assess the effects of landscape character.

We understand that the LVIA process can be crucial to planning consents and the integrity of a scheme, and so ensure that we adhere to industry standard guidance. Depending on the nature of the site, it may be that visual impacts, landscape impacts, or both, need to be considered, but whatever the situation, we will work ensure that the process results in a thorough analysis of the site, its sensitivity and the potential effects of development on it, as well as the potential for mitigating any negative effects that may occur.

Landscape Design

Development provides the opportunity to collectively create or reimagine public spaces, turning them into inspirational places at the heart of our communities. Our collaborative and innovative approach creates inclusive, engaging, enduring and affordable spaces that strengthen the connection between people and place.