‘… Observing, listening and collaborating to create lively, contextual and sustainable spaces…’

Our Approach


We understand that your brief acts as our framework for exploring ideas for creative design.

The briefing process is the foundation of a meaningful dialogue and we believe the key is to actually listen, not just make assumptions or presumptions.


We aim to challenge the brief and elicit angles that the client may not conceive without prompting.

We aim to raise expectations and help clients understand what can be achieved within the cost and programme constraints.


We believe that building a spirit of open dialogue, is critical to enable all those around the table to contribute to solving the problems which are central to the success of the project.

Good collaboration is the only way to achieve construction quality viably, especially where value for money is critical.

Studio 413 works collaboratively with communities, clients and a wide range of specialist consultants to create lively and sustainable places.


One of the most precious commodities for businesses is creativity. Being creative is about problem solving, being able to step back and see what the real issues are.

An iterative process is essential to producing the best design. This will bring confidence and reduce the likelihood of major changes.

At Studio 413 we use our extensive experience to look holistically projects and using our creativity to generate solutions that add real value to projects whilst balancing commercial constraints.

We ensure that a client has all the information necessary to make considered decisions along the way, with the comfort that the project team has established the best solution.


We are passionate our quality of service and continuously strive to exceed our Clients expectations.

We believe that our reputation for delivering client service that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations is key to building long-lasting business relationships. By developing an understanding of your values and priorities we tailor our service to enable us to meet your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.