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Hugglescote Grange, Coalville

South Hugglescote is a development of over 2,000 homes together with other uses including a primary school, local centre and new public open space with footpaths and cycleways.

The development is attractively positioned along the River Sence and within the National Forest and will provide extensive areas of green open space and community facilities, which will support the new community.

A Design Code has been established, in conjunction with local stakeholders, which creates a framework for the development of the public pen space areas in a cohesive and holistic way.

The first phase of infrastructure is currently in site, including the construction of the gateway feature, off Grange Road, the concept for which takes reference from both the National Forest setting but also the historical reference to the “Famous Fifty” who, in 1914, were the first volunteers from the Coalville area to go to set foot in France and fight on the Western Front.

Hugglescote Grange, Coalville, Aerial

Hugglescote Grange, Coalville, Visual

Hugglescote Grange, Coalville, Entrance design

Hugglescote Grange, Coalville, Leaves